No Mobile March for 2016. But Wait! There Are Other Things Afoot.

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Phil Wilson – Co-Founder, Mobile March

I’m saddened to say that Mobile March will not take place in 2016. At the same time, I’m confident there are plenty of events and gatherings that will allow you to stay involved and up to date on what’s happening in mobile. I have some suggestions for you, but first a quick word of explanation.

Why no Mobile March?

Following last year’s Mobile March at the Earle Brown Heritage Center I met with fellow co-founder Linda Cummings and James Dravitz. After 6 years of producing the event, I felt it was time for me to move on to other projects that more closely reflected the goals of my role of General Manager at BuzzFeed Minneapolis.

I found out in late November that James and Linda, due to their changing goals at Myriad Mobile, would be unable to continue to carry the Mobile March banner. We’ve always prided ourselves in presenting high quality mobile community focused content at Mobile March and we certainly didn’t want to give any less. After some investigation and more than a few meetings with other possible producers and past supporters, it became clear that we would not be able to build such an event that was up to the standards we had established in time for March 2016.

A few words of thanks.

Mobile March founders: Lisa Cummings, Phil Wilson, Justin Grammens I’d like to take this opportunity to thank so many for making Mobile March a reality. Thanks to Justin Grammens for his vision in 2010 to start a conference that brought both developers and mobile users together for a day or learning. Thanks also to Linda Cummings who was instrumental in building and expanding the business tracks each year. I’d also like to thank our many sponsors for their unwavering support of Mobile March each and every year.

And, of course, thanks to our many attendees who, each year, come together to not only learn but share their knowledge with each other. Together we’ve seen a technology that has grown from a new cutting edge platform to what now supports a mobile first world. What a great ride!

Other Mobile Tech opportunities

Okay, so you say. “Phil, where to I turn to keep learning as technology moves forward, unabated.” First and foremost the group that spawned Mobile March, Mobile Twin Cities, still meets monthly at the offices of BuzzFeed. In fact, on February 2nd we’ll present “Overcoming the Gender Gap in Mobile Tech” with Clockwork’s Nancy Lyons.

I would also encourage you to take advantage of a great developer focused event, DevFestMN, scheduled for February 6th at the University of St. Thomas. I know and really respect the team putting this together. It’s always a wonderful event and promises to be even better this year.

Coming April 22 is another can’t miss event. Founded by Mobile March Co-founder, Justin Grammens, IoTFuse is the event centering on the world of the Internet of Things in Minnesota. I’ve always felt that IoT is a natural extension of mobile.

I’d also encourage you to pay attention to MobilizeMN. This group puts together some interesting meetups periodically throughout the year.

I’m personally looking forward to presenting opportunities for developers of those many technologies that combine to deliver content and experiences to the always on, always connected world. Keep an ear out for more on that!

Thanks again for your continued interest and past support of Mobile March. Cheers!