ABCD… UX: A Practical approach to understanding, establishing and sustaining human-centered design-Matthew J. Doty

UX is HOT! There are few people who do it! There are even fewer who do it well! Some individuals claiming to “do UX” don’t really understand the full value that it can bring to the table and organizations are struggling to understand what it takes to reap the full benefits of UX. 

“ABCD… UX” playfully responds to this situation by offering a simple model that…
1. Calls us to re-examine our assumptions about User Experience and human centered design
2. Offers practical insight on how to educate an organization,
3. Demonstrates how to become a change agent in our own circles of influence
4. Outlines key principles for establishing and sustaining the practice human-centered design

dotyBio: As a UX guy, Matthew Doty crosses the streams of his artistic roots, technical savvy, business acumen, and his fascination with human behavior to create really awesome interactive experiences. His work with a broad variety of organizations (ranging from smaller operations to fortune 500 companies) enables Matthew to gracefully plug a user-centered approach into virtually any organization or project. Matthew’s passions center on 1.) helping individuals and organizations understand and then adopt the principles and techniques of user-centered design, and 2.) Helping otherwise siloed organizations become more collaborative and 3.) Extolling the virtues of a collaborative culture. Matthew’s leadership and expertise are currently employed at RBA as the UX Director.

Why Mobile March?
I’ve had my eye on this event for quite some time and wanted to see if the Mobile March audience might benefit from some ideas that I feel really passionate about.

Favorite App: Spotify In 2 words: OFFLINE MODE. In more than 2 Words…As a bonafide music-phile and part time DJ, Spotify “hits the spot” as it gives me access to pretty much anything I ever want to listen to or play in an intuitive, self contained experience. I haven’t used iTunes or Pandora in over a year.