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Mobile March is proud to present the agenda for our 5th annual mobile conference on March 20, 2014. Below you will find four tracks of sessions including Development, Design, Business and, new this year, Connected Devices. We think there is something for everyone in the mobile world. Please note that the agenda is subject to change…but only for the better.

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Keynote Mobile as the New Normal: What’s Possible?
Jacquelyn Crowhurst, Sr Director, Microsoft
Garden City Ballroom

Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) Mobile User Experience: Survival Guide for Communicating with Developers-Brigitte Dahlberg
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)node.js (JavaScript) toolchain for development on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks-Kevin Whinnery
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room) The Mobile Search Experience-Aaron Weiche
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Beyond Mobile: How Connected Devices are the Next Evolution of Mobile-Curt Prins

Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) Designing for Platforms: Understanding the differences and similarities between Android and iOS-Mike Bollinger
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)Understanding MVC in iOS Apps-Jaim Zuber
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)Scaling Mobile: Building a Team and Processes For Success-Ryan Johnson, VP, BuzzFeed
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Connect all the Things-Scott Vlaminck, Smart Things


Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) ABCD… UX: A Practical approach to understanding, establishing and sustaining human-centered design-Matthew J. Doty
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)Delivering Push Notifications to Millions of Mobile Devices-Adam Grocholski
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)Mobile Marketing on YouTube-Ken Chang
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Arduino Wearables: You Light Up My Life-Leon Durivage

Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) You Can’t Ignore the Tablet-Designing & Developing Universal Apps for Phones and Tablets-Lou Miranda
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)Tracking Movement with Android Location Services-Chris Black
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)The Age of Mobile: How Mobile Behaviors Create Business Insights-Hugh Jedwell, Heartland Mobile Council
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) The Good, the bad, and the ugly of IoT and M2M-Mark Nicholson


The Blossoming Internet of Things – Zach Supalla-Spark Garden City Ballroom

Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin: C# on iOS and Android- Joe Koletar
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)Physics-Based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics-Sam Kirchmeier and Adam May
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)Illuminating the Path to Purchase by Merging Marketing and Payments-Grant Wood
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Building Wearables-Kristina Durivage


Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) LiveCode Cross-Platform Development-Joel Gerdeen
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)iBeacon – The Power to Rattle Your Industry or Start a New Company-Kurt McIntire
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)Avoid the one star rating: Cross platform lessons learned from a wily veteran-Frank Markovich
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Smart Water Meter – Why, How and Other Mysteries Answered!-Colin Hirdman and Troy Benjegerdes

Development and Design (Garden City Ballrooom) Cross-Platform Mobile Development with PhoneGap-Vince Bullinger
Mobile Development(Harvest B/C)Doing Custom Touch stuff That Doesn’t Suck-David Washington
Mobile Business(Captain’s Room)Mobile Training as a Sales Enabler-Bill Young and Wilson Garland
Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Connected Devices/Hardware (Harvest A) Guys On Glass-Jake Good, Wolf Loescher, Breon Nagy


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