Arduino Wearables : You Light Up My Life-Leon Durivage

A quick look at creating Arduino-based wearable electronics, complete with design files. Learn the basics of building and programming an LED light strip built into a headband. The session covers programming, battery basics, sound activation, and construction techniques.

HeadshotBio: Leon started building electronics at the age of 10 and the soldering iron has never left his hand since. From technician to programmer to engineer to manager, Leon has been in electronics and computers for over 40 years and worked on dozens of products across multiple industries. An avid electronics hobbyist, Leon enjoys mixing his love for music and electronics into art projects that respond to sound.

Why Mobile March: the ability to design and build highly functional wearable electronics has taken off with the advent of extremely small, easy-to-program micro controllers like the Arduino. The rapidly growing DIY community and low-cost ecosystem of hardware makes it easy to get from concept to device with modest tools and cost.

Favorite App: Eagle PCB Layout (definite not a mobile app!) – laying out circuit boards is a relaxing blend of engineering, art and visualization. Like solving puzzles?? You’ll like laying out boards.