Beyond Mobile: How Connected Devices are the Next Evolution of Mobile-Curt Prins

Apps are so 2011, yet too many of us are locked into developing for 1920 x 1080 pixel (and smaller) screens. Recent products like Google Glass, Coin and Nike’s Fuelband are only the beginning of this trend.

Mobile devices have morphed computing platforms driving down development costs and driving up innovation. We’ll also review many B2C and B2B examples and tips on where to start exploring.

curtprins_cBio: Curt Prins (@Curtprins) saw the game-changing potential of mobile back in 2008, and has since applied it as a mobile strategist working agency, nonprofit, and corporate clients including the United Way, Snap-On Tools and Obama for America. He’s taken a special interest in emerging markets, the innovations birthed there and the potential impact of connected devices within these markets. Curt also produces 3FER, a frequent text message update on mobile–text 3FER to 75309 to subscribe.

Why Mobile March: There are very few opportunities for techies and business folk to blend at conferences, especially on mobile topics. Mobile March provides a great space for both audiences, and I’ve always enjoyed participating.

Favorite App: Professionally, Feedly & Pocket working in parallel help me sift through my 250+ RSS feeds, and helps me review and forward relevant content when I have time to focus. For personal use, Draft is handsdown the best word processing app for focused writing and syncs with DropBox for cross-platform use. I’m writing a book with ease using my Android phone and tablet.