Building Wearables-Kristina Durivage

Learn how Kristina added electronics to items she can wear. She’ll cover some of the issues I ran into that are specific to building wearable technology and how I solved them.

Kristina Durivage is a software developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She started college as an aspiring artist, became a software engineer, and is now aspiring to find a good mix between art and technology but in a way that anyone can interact with. She is the co-organizer of the Twin Cities Data Visualization Meetup, organizer of the Twin Cities D3.js Meetup, and a frequent attendee of local hackathons. You can find her on twitter at @gelicia

Why Mobile March: I’m part of Mobile March because it’s a great mix of how technology can be a part of a person’s life without them having to do anything. SmartThings is already doing that so I’m excited to see that talk, and Spark’s device is going to be really empowering people to have more things be online. The mobile tech space is super exciting and still has so much further to grow!

Favorite App: Threes. It’s a simple game, easy to pick up but difficult to master. I love that the game implicitly increases difficulty as you play it without having to change anything about the game itself. The style of it is super fun and cute.