Cross-Platform Mobile Development with PhoneGap-Vince Bullinger

vincebullingerContrary to native fanboys’ beliefs, PhoneGap is definitely a player in the cross-platform mobile development space.
Designed properly, you can have an elegant and performant cross-platform mobile app created with PhoneGap.
We’ll take a deep dive into the PhoneGap approach to cross-platform mobile development, as well as briefly touch upon native development and other technologies’ cross-platform solutions and when each one may be appropriate to use.

Bio: Vince has been a passionate developer and consultant since 2005. He is currently an independent contractor. He received his MCSD for .NET with C# back in 2008. In recent years, he’s immersed himself in front end technologies. Even more recently, he’s developed a passion for mobile development, specifically of the cross-platform variety.

Favorite app: reddit is fun

Why Mobile March: The mobile space will definitely begin to drive business instead of being an add-on in the near future. Anybody not on the train at this point is really going to be left in the dust soon.