Delivering Push Notifications to Millions of Mobile Devices-Adam Grocholski

Push notifications are critical to craft engaging app experience and increase usage and user interest. Windows Azure Notification Hubs support multi-platform push with Windows, iOS, and Android, publish/subscribe routing to particular groups of users or devices, and low latency broadcast to millions of devices. Join us to learn how to use Notification Hubs to target millions of devices at once and single targeted users with just a few lines of code.

Easily provide push notification support for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, easily send broadcast messages to all users or targeted messages to specific users, start free, scale up and down as needed.

adgroc_200_200Bio: Adam Grocholski is a technical evangelist for Microsoft. Over the course of his career he has worn many hats from developer to architect to national solutions lead. Regardless of the current hat on his head, he has always had a passion for using the latest and greatest technology to improve lives. He is also a big believer in giving back to the development community, and that is why you can often find him speaking and learning at user groups, code camps, and conferences.

While Mobile March: I love getting out of my comfort zone and learning about what others are doing in the mobile space and Mobile March is one of the best ways to do that in the twin cities.

Favorite App: Radio Soma for Windows 8. I wrote it, and I use it all the time for ambient background music while code.