Doing Custom Touch stuff That Doesn’t Suck-David Washington

Learn how to design beyond the standard controls and how to consider learnability, confidence, performance when going custom. You’ll leave with a scorecard for custom touch interactions.

headshot (2)Bio: David Washington is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with students, startups and independent app developers in the Twin Cities and surrounding area with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. For the past eight years he worked on User Experience in Windows. Most recently he worked as a Senior Program Manager Lead on Windows 8.1, leading a team of people designing the text suggestions UX and platform for the touch keyboard. Before that, he drove the end-to-end experience for how Windows 8 scales and adapts responsively across all screens sizes, from tablet to laptop to desktop, portrait and landscape and high pixel density screens.

Why Mobile March: Everything important these days is mobile. To me, the event should just be called “March”.

Favorite app: Vine. It is designed start to finish around mobile. Quick videos, auto play, great design, optimized for touch, social baked in. Love it.