Guys On Glass-Jake Good, Wolf Loescher, Breon Nagy

In this panel session we’ll talk with three Google Glass Explorers and discover what they’ve discovered as they test the potential and boundaries of this much hyped wearable. Each of our panelists have spent a great deal of time, both personally and professionally with Glass and will share their adventures and answer your questions. Join us to to see what the world looks like from the standpoint of these Guys on Glass. (Moderated by Phil Wilson)

CoCo_Portraits_2014_0207_0890Bio: Jacob Good is a software developer freelancer and consultant. By day he scales select startups and projects using the latest technologies around data and services. By night he and plays with his son in a big box of Legos. A young heart, but over a decade of backend and devops experience, bringing startups to fruition and exits and consulting on large scale fortune 500 projects. If he had to select some buzzwords to describe his experience, they would include: Ruby, Erlang, devops, APIs, “Big Data”, analytics, and optimization. Though he spends his time behind the front end, he does have a giant pile of “Internet of Things” fun, including a Google Glass, Sphero, Spark Cores, and quantified self pocketables.

Why Mobile March: I am really excited by wearables, Internet of Things, and quantified self devices so it’s great to see that there will be a few talks on those at Mobile March. I think Mobile used to only give people nightmares about being responsive or native on phones, but this movement is expanding rapidly beyond phones and I love that part of it

Favorite app: TimeHop (iOS). It gives you a glimpse at your digital history (through social feeds and local content on devices) in a very visual format. A digital picture book and journal that’s automatically created and curated for you daily.

wolf-loescher-headshotBio: Wolf Loescher is a coder, designer, drummer, singer, and record producer (although not usually all at the same time). He exercises the right side of his brain at Brandpoint creating content marketing magic for the web and mobile platforms. Meanwhile, he scratches his musical itches with the Twin Cities one and only celti-cajun folk pop band the Sweet Colleens.

Favorite App: SongBook for Android – allows me to have lyrics and chord charts easily accessible at rehearsal and on stage. Can view chord shapes for different instruments (even Irish bouzouki!) and transpose key very easily. And it syncs with DropBox, so it’s easy to share with the whole band.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is a great event meet people and get a feel for where things are going in the mobile market. We are bombarded by so much new technology (devices, platforms, languages, frameworks, plug-ins, protocols, oh my!) all the time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and say “I’ll just stick with what I’m know”. So it’s inspiring to see a speaker who is passionate about a new technology and how it can change the way we do things — it challenges me to try new things.

IMG_6434Bio: Breon Nagy is a Product Manager at Code 42 Software. He has the distinction of being the first person to propose though Google Glass. While the video is less than half of a minute, the moment captured is timeless.

Why Mobile March: Even though Glass has been out for about a year, there are still a lot of questions about it. I want to share my experiences (good and bad) in an effort to help others better understand the device and its potential uses.

Favorite App: The camera is the most useful app for Google Glass. The ability to capture moments of your life, from your point of view, completely handsfree is amazing.