iBeacon – The Power to Rattle Your Industry or Start a New Company-Kurt McIntire

In this session you’ll discover what iBeacons are and how they work. Kurt will share┬áiBeacon best practices and limitations and you’ll see how big players are capitalizing on this exciting technology.

KurtMcIntireHeadshotBio: Kurt McIntire is Co-Founder of Vektor Digital, a Minneapolis mobile development shop. They specialize in native iOS applications and iBeacon implementations. Kurt has been developing on the iOS platform for nearly three years and is excited to be a first time speaker at Mobile March.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is the best place in the region for mobile enthusiasts and professionals to connect. There is simply so much to learn and so many cool people to meet!

Favorite app: CARROT. It’s a to-do list with a serious attitude. If I don’t complete my tasks quickly, CARROT relentlessly belittles me. It hurts so good!