Illuminating the Path to Purchase by Merging Marketing and Payments-Grant Wood

The intersection of advertising and payments is a new frontier to delight the customer.  But the power shift has occurred and they are in control.  How do retailers and suppliers work together to delight the consumer and drive both revenue and loyalty?  We will overview how to intersect the world of marketing and payments, resulting in a literal connection of the path to purchase while respecting the constituents; the retailer, supplier and consumer.

The balancing act: keeping value and power in check between the consumer, retailer, and supplier.
Notifications and beacons: next generation convergence of spam and creepy or shopper control and delight?
Content + personalization is king: explore the new canvas of a sequenced consumer experience from impression, through purchase, into loyalty.


Bio: Grant is the Principal Architect at Jingit, the company powering the convergence of payments and advertising.  After starting his career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Mr. Wood gained local and national attention for his work with advanced internet technology, and was invited to be the youngest panelist at Info World’s first ever CTO Forum. Over the ensuing decade he developed a track record of innovation, trend spotting and leadership, which has made him a sought after advisor. In addition to his high tech work, Grant is an independent filmmaker and community leader, working on local independent film productions and having co-founded the nonprofit Story Board to mentor highschool aged filmmakers.