LiveCode Cross-Platform Development-Joel Gerdeen

LiveCode has its heritage in the Apple HyperCard system back in the late 80″s. It allows developed applications to run on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android plus related servers. LiveCode is available in an open source Community version (free) and a Commercial version for publishing through the Apple AppStore and Google Play stores. The development system on the Mac will be demonstrated with simulations on both iPhone and Android devices.

What you’ll take away:  Links back to HyperCard hypermedia technology. Graphical cross-platform development for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and servers. English-like. message driven language. Demo of development system with testing on iOS and Android simulators.


Bio: Many years of experience in all levels of computer technology from punch cards to SSD, microcomputers to mainframes. Career in technology and management at three Fortune 500 companies.  Published social media apps on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Why Mobile March:  Have attended all previous years,  met interesting people and learned something each year.

Favorite App:  Words with friends