Mobile User Experience: Survival Guide for Communicating with Developers-Brigitte Dahlberg

Ever wonder if your wireframes are too detailed, or not detailed enough? Learn what technical teams expect from your mobile specifications. When it comes to communicating your design, different teams have different needs. See examples of what can work for your audience.

BrigitteDahlberg-150pxBio: For more than 15 years, Brigitte Dahlberg has traveled through her career as a user experience (UX) professional – allowing her the pleasure of working with creative and product development teams for local Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Mayo Clinic and 3M. With a passion for researching emerging digital experiences and mentoring up-coming UX talent, Brigitte has co-founded of one of the first full-service UX agencies in the Twin Cities, PURE: Experience Research and Design (PureXRD). In her spare time she also serves as the Program Director for the local Interaction Design Association (IxDA) chapter.\

Why Mobile March: The world revolves around being “on the go” – having the opportunity to really focus on how people use mobile devices is absolutely fascinating. No two people are alike and I love the challenge of creating mobile experiences that can flex with need. Mobile March is perfect for sharing challenges and gathering additional insight.

Favorite App: Professionally, Evernote because of how the experience is tied across all device types. Whether I’m meeting a new super-star at an event and need to enter quick details on my phone, or sitting in a meeting typing notes on a tablet – I can refer back to everything from my laptop or any of the aforementioned devices. Personally? Spotify. I’m a music junkie and having access to any genre at any time is a necessity.