node.js (JavaScript) toolchain for development on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks-Kevin Whinnery

With the new JavaScriptCore system framework, developers can expose and script powerful native APIs for everything from native UIs to 2D games via SpriteKit.

In this presentation Kevin will show the basic functionality of the JS / Objective-C bridge, and present two brief live-code demos. One will use JavaScript to drive a simple 2D game using SpriteKit. The other will create a simple native UI with Cocoa Touch controls.

You’ll leave with an understanding of how they can help build a node.js ecosystem on Apple platforms.

kevinBio: Kevin Whinnery is a code plumber and developer evangelist for Twilio, an API company that makes it easy for developers to add messaging and voice calling to their web and native mobile apps. Most days, Kevin can be found hacking JavaScript or native mobile apps. Kevin is the author and maintainer of the Twilio module for node.js and contributes to a number of developer-facing open source projects. Prior to joining Twilio, Kevin spent four years with the team at Appcelerator as they built Titanium Mobile, which enables native mobile app development in JavaScript. He is also the founder and a co-organizer of JavaScriptMN, one of Minnesota’s most active technical user groups.