Physics-Based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics-Sam Kirchmeier and Adam May

Learn the basics of creating realistic physics-based animations in your iOS apps. Discover best-practices and advanced techniques for creating compelling user interfaces and see code walkthroughs and examples from real-world applications using UIKit Dynamics.

Kirchmeier-head-shotBio: Sam Kirchmeier is a speaker, teacher, and software developer at Livefront. He builds apps with a variety of technologies (like Rails, ASP.NET, and handcrafted HTML/CSS), and specializes in making awesome software for iOS devices. When not coding, you might find Sam dreaming about coding, teaching at Smart Factory, or out on the disc golf course.

Favorite app: Google Maps

Adam-Livefront-HeadshotBio: Adam May is a software developer at Livefront. Throughout his career he has specialized in developing mobile software experiences across a wide variety of platforms. He loves bringing bold user interface designs to life. Currently focused on iOS, he teaches classes at Smart Factory and co-organizes hack nights for TCHack.

Favorite app: Beats Music for its innovative approach to curation and slick usage of UIKit dynamics.

Why Mobile March: Last year, I really enjoyed seeing what local mobile software folks are up to. It’s really nice to see everyone from freelance independent software devs to big companies getting involved and doing exciting things. I think we’re pretty lucky in the Twin Cities when it comes to having a vibrant mobile tech scene and this year I thought presenting would be a great chance to contribute to it.