Chris Black
Session: Tracking Movement with Android Location Services


Bio: Chris Black is a software engineer, adjunct faculty member, and public speaker. He has taught courses on advanced scripting, dynamic web apps, motion graphics, and interactive design. Chris currently works full time as a software developer at The Nerdery. Prior to working at The Nerdery, he was the owner of Blacktop Interactive, LLC, and developed twelve mobile apps across six different markets. Chris has spoken at a number of conferences locally and internationally in Toronto, Amsterdam, and the UK. In 2011, he was the keynote speaker at the Geeky By Nature conference in New York. When Chris is away from his computer, he enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, and snowboarding.

Why Mobile March: I’ve attended Mobile March a number of times in the past. The sessions are inspiring and it’s a great chance to network with others in the mobile community.

Favorite App: Moves by ProtoGeo. Everything about the app is great. It has a simple UI, focused feature set and incredibly useful for tracking daily movements. I use it personally to see how much I’ve exercised and professionally to track when I arrived at work or took a lunch break.

Mike Bollinger
Session: Designing for Platforms: Understanding the differences and similarities between Android and iOS


Bio: Mike Bollinger is an explorer and entrepreneur. He is founder of Livefront, a mobile software design & development firm, and co-founder of TECHdotMN, a media group covering technology news in Minnesota. With over fifteen years of experience in software design and engineering, he has helped launched mobile products for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. His love for international travel and photography inform his approach to creating beautiful, simple design experiences for people in motion.

Vince Bullinger
Session: Cross-Platform Mobile Development with PhoneGap


Bio: Vince has been a passionate developer and consultant since 2005. He is currently an independent contractor. He received his MCSD for .NET with C# back in 2008. In recent years, he’s immersed himself in front end technologies. Even more recently, he’s developed a passion for mobile development, specifically of the cross-platform variety.

Why Mobile March: The mobile space will definitely begin to drive business instead of being an add-on in the near future. Anybody not on the train at this point is really going to be left in the dust soon.

Favorite app: reddit is fun

Ken Chang
Session: Mobile Marketing on YouTube

KenMobileMarchBio: Ken Chang is a Minneapolis-based artist, designer, and entrepreneur. He is Creative Monkey at A.J. Monkey a Minneapolis based social media branding agency.

Ken’s clients include Adobe, Alpha Training, Bon Vital, Core Products, Corona Labs, Elinchrom, Design Ready Controls, Life Time Fitness, LT Academy, Machinima, Manning Publications, StyleHaul, StyleMeFit, Impact Books, Iwata-Medea, Schumacher Racing, and Image Comics.

Ken also created with super-star massage therapist Ryan Hoyme – as a proving ground for grassroots promotion and viral marketing strategies. Ken built via strategic partnerships with, Yahoo!, Google, Smart Flix, StyleHaul, StyleMeFit, and Machinima.

Jacquelyn Crowhurst
Keynote: Mobile as the new normal: What’s Possible?

jacsBio: Jacquelyn currently leads the Central Region Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) business. In this capacity, she focuses on enabling partners, customers and developers to innovate and drive their business forward leveraging new technology. This includes key Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications and enabling applications through leveraging Microsoft’s cloud solution, Azure. Jacquelyn joined Microsoft in July 2001 and has held several technical and leadership positions.  As a services consultant and Architect Evangelist, Jacquelyn worked with Fortune 100 companies on architecture strategy and built an architecture community, including spearheading two large scale architectural conferences.

Jacquelyn graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Dakota with a BS in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

Brigitte Dahlberg
Session: Mobile User Experience: Survival Guide for Communicating with Developers

BrigitteDahlberg-150pxBio: For more than 15 years, Brigitte Dahlberg has traveled through her career as a user experience (UX) professional – allowing her the pleasure of working with creative and product development teams for local Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Mayo Clinic and 3M. With a passion for researching emerging digital experiences and mentoring up-coming UX talent, Brigitte has co-founded of one of the first full-service UX agencies in the Twin Cities, PURE: Experience Research and Design (PureXRD). In her spare time she also serves as the Program Director for the local Interaction Design Association (IxDA) chapter.

Why Mobile March: The world revolves around being “on the go” – having the opportunity to really focus on how people use mobile devices is absolutely fascinating. No two people are alike and I love the challenge of creating mobile experiences that can flex with need. Mobile March is perfect for sharing challenges and gathering additional insight.

Favorite App: Professionally, Evernote because of how the experience is tied across all device types. Whether I’m meeting a new super-star at an event and need to enter quick details on my phone, or sitting in a meeting typing notes on a tablet – I can refer back to everything from my laptop or any of the aforementioned devices. Personally? Spotify. I’m a music junkie and having access to any genre at any time is a necessity.

Matthew J. Doty
Session: ABCD… UX: A Practical approach to understanding, establishing and sustaining human-centered design

dotyBio: As a UX guy, Matthew Doty crosses the streams of his artistic roots, technical savvy, business acumen, and his fascination with human behavior to create really awesome interactive experiences. His work with a broad variety of organizations (ranging from smaller operations to fortune 500 companies) enables Matthew to gracefully plug a user-centered approach into virtually any organization or project. Matthew’s passions center on 1.) helping individuals and organizations understand and then adopt the principles and techniques of user-centered design, and 2.) Helping otherwise siloed organizations become more collaborative and 3.) Extolling the virtues of a collaborative culture. Matthew’s leadership and expertise are currently employed at RBA as the UX Director.

Why Mobile March?
I’ve had my eye on this event for quite some time and wanted to see if the Mobile March audience might benefit from some ideas that I feel really passionate about.

Favorite App: Spotify In 2 words: OFFLINE MODE. In more than 2 Words…As a bonafide music-phile and part time DJ, Spotify “hits the spot” as it gives me access to pretty much anything I ever want to listen to or play in an intuitive, self contained experience. I haven’t used iTunes or Pandora in over a year.

Kristina Durivage
Session: Building Wearables

Kristina Durivage is a software developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She started college as an aspiring artist, became a software engineer, and is now aspiring to find a good mix between art and technology but in a way that anyone can interact with. She is the co-organizer of the Twin Cities Data Visualization Meetup, organizer of the Twin Cities D3.js Meetup, and a frequent attendee of local hackathons. You can find her on twitter at @gelicia

Why Mobile March: I’m part of Mobile March because it’s a great mix of how technology can be a part of a person’s life without them having to do anything. SmartThings is already doing that so I’m excited to see that talk, and Spark’s device is going to be really empowering people to have more things be online. The mobile tech space is super exciting and still has so much further to grow!

Favorite App: Threes. It’s a simple game, easy to pick up but difficult to master. I love that the game implicitly increases difficulty as you play it without having to change anything about the game itself. The style of it is super fun and cute.

Leon Durivage
Session:Arduino Wearables: You Light Up My Life

HeadshotBio: Leon started building electronics at the age of 10 and the soldering iron has never left his hand since. From technician to programmer to engineer to manager, Leon has been in electronics and computers for over 40 years and worked on dozens of products across multiple industries. An avid electronics hobbyist, Leon enjoys mixing his love for music and electronics into art projects that respond to sound.

Why Mobile March: the ability to design and build highly functional wearable electronics has taken off with the advent of extremely small, easy-to-program micro controllers like the Arduino. The rapidly growing DIY community and low-cost ecosystem of hardware makes it easy to get from concept to device with modest tools and cost.

Favorite App: Eagle PCB Layout (definite not a mobile app!) – laying out circuit boards is a relaxing blend of engineering, art and visualization. Like solving puzzles?? You’ll like laying out boards.

Wilson Garland
Session: Mobile Training as a Sales Enabler

image002Wilson Garland co-founded SalesFitness  after more than 20 years of experience in marketing, product development, and senior business leadership roles. Working with companies like J. Walter Thompson, 3M, Capella University, and Regency Beauty Institute, Wilson has specialized in building strong cross-functional teams and creating the strategies, operational discipline, and innovative marketing approaches needed to create and reinvent products and categories.

Why Mobile March: We’re excited to be participating in Mobile March to learn more about how mobile technology is changing and improving business practices.

Joel Gerdeen
Session: LiveCode Cross-Platform Development


Bio: Many years of experience in all levels of computer technology from punch cards to SSD, microcomputers to mainframes. Career in technology and management at three Fortune 500 companies.  Published social media apps on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Why Mobile March:  Have attended all previous years,  met interesting people and learned something each year.

Favorite App:  Words with friends.

Jake Good
Session: Guys On Glass


Bio: Jacob Good is a software developer freelancer and consultant. By day he scales select startups and projects using the latest technologies around data and services. By night he and plays with his son in a big box of Legos. A young heart, but over a decade of backend and devops experience, bringing startups to fruition and exits and consulting on large scale fortune 500 projects. If he had to select some buzzwords to describe his experience, they would include: Ruby, Erlang, devops, APIs, “Big Data”, analytics, and optimization. Though he spends his time behind the front end, he does have a giant pile of “Internet of Things” fun, including a Google Glass, Sphero, Spark Cores, and quantified self pocketables.

Why Mobile March: I am really excited by wearables, Internet of Things, and quantified self devices so it’s great to see that there will be a few talks on those at Mobile March. I think Mobile used to only give people nightmares about being responsive or native on phones, but this movement is expanding rapidly beyond phones and I love that part of it

Favorite app: TimeHop (iOS). It gives you a glimpse at your digital history (through social feeds and local content on devices) in a very visual format. A digital picture book and journal that’s automatically created and curated for you daily.

Adam Grocholski
Session:Delivering Push Notifications to Millions of Mobile Devices 

adgroc_200_200Bio: Adam Grocholski is a technical evangelist for Microsoft. Over the course of his career he has worn many hats from developer to architect to national solutions lead. Regardless of the current hat on his head, he has always had a passion for using the latest and greatest technology to improve lives. He is also a big believer in giving back to the development community, and that is why you can often find him speaking and learning at user groups, code camps, and conferences.

Why Mobile March: I love getting out of my comfort zone and learning about what others are doing in the mobile space and Mobile March is one of the best ways to do that in the twin cities.

Favorite App: Radio Soma for Windows 8. I wrote it, and I use it all the time for ambient background music while code.

Colin Hirdman
Session: Smart Water Meter: Why, How, and Other Mysteries Answered!

Colin Hirdman

Bio: Colin Hirdman – I enjoy building stuff and having fun – and preferably having fun while building stuff! Troy – When not farming soil or farming Catcoin I like creating useful things.

Why Mobile March: We chose to be a part of Mobile March because we wanted to share our story and learn from others.  We’re really looking forward to making meaningful connections and gaining insight on the mobile landscape.

Hugh Jedwell
Session: The Age of Mobile-How Mobile Behaviors Create Business Insights


Bio:Hugh is the Executive Director of the Heartland Mobile Council, a non-profit he created to inspire and educate brands on how to use mobile effectively. He is a former brand marketer with 16 years at Kraft Foods, Palm, Procter & Gamble and Mobile Anthem. At P&G he was the first to integrate mobile into traditional media. He has his MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University.

Why Mobile March: I’m interested in the innovation and mobile campaigns happening across the Heartland

Favorite App: Evernote.  It seems like a small thing, to have your notes sync across all devices, but it’s huge.  I use it for shopping lists, meeting notes, and even writing my book.

Ryan Johnson
Session: Scaling Mobile: Building a Team and Processes For Success-Ryan Johnson

Ryan_JBio: Ryan is the Vice President of Mobile Engineering at BuzzFeed, where he is in charge of the iOS, Android, and Mobile Web teams. In conjunction, these teams account for over half of the viral site’s more than 100 million monthly unique users. Prior to BuzzFeed, Ryan was the Director of Technology at Hyper IQ and the VP of Engineering at Red Stamp. After being featured by Starbucks and Apple, Red Stamp was acquired by Taylor Corp in 2013. Passionate about mobile development, Ryan has been developing for the iPhone for the last five years.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is the preeminent mobile conference in Minnesota. In one day, you can get a broad range of information on where mobile is headed, development, and the business side of mobile.

Favorite App: Tweetbot 3. Tweetbot is continues to be the benchmark for polished apps and proper integration of new iOS 7 features, such as background updating and subtle but proper use of physics based user interaction.

Sam Kirchmeier
Session: Physics-Based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics


Bio: Sam Kirchmeier is a speaker, teacher, and software developer at Livefront. He builds apps with a variety of technologies (like Rails, ASP.NET, and handcrafted HTML/CSS), and specializes in making awesome software for iOS devices. When not coding, you might find Sam dreaming about coding, teaching at Smart Factory, or out on the disc golf course.

Favorite app: Google Maps 

Joe Koletar
Session:Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin: C# on iOS and Android


Bio: Joe is the Mobile Technical Solution Specialist at RBA. He has over 25 years of information technology experience as an architect, development manager and software engineer. In his current role, Joe is involved in the latest mobile technology and is responsible for RBA’s mobile development strategy.

Why Mobile March: I’m looking forward to hear how other companies are approaching their mobile initiatives from a strategy, process, and technical point of view.

Favorite App: Mint. Mint is a personal finance app that consolidates all your various financial accounts in one place. I particularly like the ease with which I can get information across credit cards, bank accounts, and investments with a single password. They’ve done a great job of providing the right set of features on the app while keeping all the data in sync with the companion website.

Wolf Loescher
Session: Guys On Glass


Bio: Wolf Loescher is a coder, designer, drummer, singer, and record producer (although not usually all at the same time). He exercises the right side of his brain at Brandpoint creating content marketing magic for the web and mobile platforms. Meanwhile, he scratches his musical itches with the Twin Cities one and only celti-cajun folk pop band the Sweet Colleens.

Favorite App: SongBook for Android – allows me to have lyrics and chord charts easily accessible at rehearsal and on stage. Can view chord shapes for different instruments (even Irish bouzouki!) and transpose key very easily. And it syncs with DropBox, so it’s easy to share with the whole band.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is a great event meet people and get a feel for where things are going in the mobile market. We are bombarded by so much new technology (devices, platforms, languages, frameworks, plug-ins, protocols, oh my!) all the time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and say “I’ll just stick with what I’m know”. So it’s inspiring to see a speaker who is passionate about a new technology and how it can change the way we do things — it challenges me to try new things.

Frank Markovich
Avoid the one star rating: Cross platform lessons learned from a wily veteran

Frank headshot

Bio: Frank is the Application Development Services Manager at ITR Mobility and provides thought leadership and direction to the teams of developers writing the next generation of cross platform mobile applications. During his 20 year career in Information Technology he has written several industry first applications, including the first web based ordering and order status application for the printing industry and the first application in the incentive marketing industry to allow points to be used to book airline tickets. He is a passionate developer at heart and continues to use that passion to ensure the successful delivery of critical I.T. projects.

Favorite App: ESPN fantasy football because I can make last minute roster changes from the tail gate party to my frozen seat in TCF Bank Stadium and my winnings fund my other mobile habits. It is a well thought out mobile application that contains several examples of excellent offline and partial connectivity capabilities.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March gives me the opportunity to share and discuss the latest trends in the mobile landscape. Design, development, business and hardware all in one place.

Adam May
Session:Physics-Based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics


Bio: Adam May is a software developer at Livefront. Throughout his career he has specialized in developing mobile software experiences across a wide variety of platforms. He loves bringing bold user interface designs to life. Currently focused on iOS, he teaches classes at Smart Factory and co-organizes hack nights for TCHack.

Favorite app: Beats Music for its innovative approach to curation and slick usage of UIKit dynamics.

Why Mobile March: Last year, I really enjoyed seeing what local mobile software folks are up to. It’s really nice to see everyone from freelance independent software devs to big companies getting involved and doing exciting things. I think we’re pretty lucky in the Twin Cities when it comes to having a vibrant mobile tech scene and this year I thought presenting would be a great chance to contribute to it.

Kurt McIntire
Session: iBeacon: The Power to Rattle Your Industry or Start a New Company


Bio: Kurt McIntire is Co-Founder of Vektor Digital, a Minneapolis mobile development shop. They specialize in native iOS applications and iBeacon implementations. Kurt has been developing on the iOS platform for nearly three years and is excited to be a first time speaker at Mobile March.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is the best place in the region for mobile enthusiasts and professionals to connect. There is simply so much to learn and so many cool people to meet!

Favorite app: CARROT. It’s a to-do list with a serious attitude. If I don’t complete my tasks quickly, CARROT relentlessly belittles me. It hurts so good!

Lou Miranda
Session: You Can’t Ignore the Tablet-Designing & Developing Universal Apps for Phones and Tablets

20130710_M131197 Lou Eyeglasses HiRezBio: Lou Miranda is Mobile Practice Lead at Magenic Technologies, and has over 25 years of experience architecting enterprise software solutions. Lou has been working exclusively with mobility since 2008, and has done apps in Objective-C, Java-Android, Appcelerator Titanium, and PhoneGap. Publications include a ‘bible’ book on WebLogic Server and a stint as contributing editor at PC World. Lou has spoken at Modern Apps Live!, Mobile March, Enterprise Mobility Summit, Minnesota Government IT Symposium, Twin Cities Code Camp, Code Mastery, and local user groups. Lou blogs on enterprise mobile topics at and on the web site blog, and his enterprise mobile tweets can be followed @TheNewLou.

Why Mobile March: Mobile March is the pre-eminent local mobility event and reaches the broadest cross section of audience. I want to educate attendees about one of the defining topics for mobility in 2014.

Favorite app: Apple’s iWork suite. I use Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on my iPad Air to take meeting notes, create internal newsletters, create presentations for clients and conferences, and report Mobility Group stats to my boss. It’s all in the cloud, and the iPhone and OS X apps all have identical functionality, so I can make ad hoc changes on the run, or do long form data entry at my desk.

Breon Nagy
Session: Guys On Glass

IMG_6434Bio: Breon Nagy is a Product Manager at Code 42 Software. He has the distinction of being the first person to propose though Google Glass. While the video is less than half of a minute, the moment captured is timeless.

Why Mobile March: Even though Glass has been out for about a year, there are still a lot of questions about it. I want to share my experiences (good and bad) in an effort to help others better understand the device and its potential uses.

Favorite App: The camera is the most useful app for Google Glass. The ability to capture moments of your life, from your point of view, completely handsfree is amazing.

Mark Nicholson
Session: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of IoT and M2M


Bio: Mark currently works as a Senior Connected Solutions Engineer with Verizon Wireless and holds a lifetime of electronic tinkering experience along with some interesting stories while working for the C.I.A.  He maintains a passion for innovative thinking, brainstorming, and talking about the future.

Why Mobile March: Computers were supposed to make life easier and allow us to relax on the beach while they did all the work. What happened? I love to talk about and listen to ideas on how we can finally make life “better” – it seems to finally be coming together!

Favorite App: I love Audible, because I can speed up the playback and get through more books; Stitcher is nice to catch up on news in the car and I find Google+ a nice alternative to Facebook (which I’ve quit using for the most part).

Curt Prins
Session: Beyond Mobile: How Connected Devices are the Next Evolution of Mobile


Bio: Curt Prins (@Curtprins) saw the game-changing potential of mobile back in 2008, and has since applied it as a mobile strategist working agency, nonprofit, and corporate clients including the United Way, Snap-On Tools and Obama for America. He’s taken a special interest in emerging markets, the innovations birthed there and the potential impact of connected devices within these markets. Curt also produces 3FER, a frequent text message update on mobile–text 3FER to 75309 to subscribe.

Why Mobile March: There are very few opportunities for techies and business folk to blend at conferences, especially on mobile topics. Mobile March provides a great space for both audiences, and I’ve always enjoyed participating.

Favorite App: Professionally, Feedly & Pocket working in parallel help me sift through my 250+ RSS feeds, and helps me review and forward relevant content when I have time to focus. For personal use, Draft is handsdown the best word processing app for focused writing and syncs with DropBox for cross-platform use. I’m writing a book with ease using my Android phone and tablet.

Zach Supalla
Keynote: The Blossoming Internet of Things

zachBio: Zach is CEO of Spark, an Internet of Things start-up based in the twin cities. Over the last year, we have launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign (raising nearly $600K in crowdfunding), shipped tens of thousands of products, grown our company to 10 people, and raised VC investment from the bay area.




David Washington
Session: Doing Custom Touch stuff That Doesn’t Suck

headshot (2)Bio: David Washington is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with students, startups and independent app developers in the Twin Cities and surrounding area with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. For the past eight years he worked on User Experience in Windows. Most recently he worked as a Senior Program Manager Lead on Windows 8.1, leading a team of people designing the text suggestions UX and platform for the touch keyboard. Before that, he drove the end-to-end experience for how Windows 8 scales and adapts responsively across all screens sizes, from tablet to laptop to desktop, portrait and landscape and high pixel density screens.

Why Mobile March: Everything important these days is mobile. To me, the event should just be called “March”.

Favorite app: Vine. It is designed start to finish around mobile. Quick videos, auto play, great design, optimized for touch, social baked in. Love it.

Aaron Weiche
Session: The Mobile Search Experience


Bio: Aaron Weiche has been involved with search marketing for over 10 years and has 15 years experience in the field of web design, development and online marketing. As COO of Spyder Trap in Minneapolis he works with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 100 to small businesses in all aspects of online marketing including search, social media, mobile, email, web design, e-commerce, analytics and more. Aaron has achieved certification of Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). Aaron is featured speaker nationally on search engine optimization, mobile and web design as part of the Local University series. He has presented at events for SCORE Minnesota, MIMA Summit, ICBM, SearchFest, MnSearch, Progressive, SMX Advanced and SMX East workshops. He has been featured as a Local Search Ranking Factors contributing expert for reports in 2010-2013 and is a founding board member of the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.

Why Mobile March: The connectivity and integration of our phones into every aspect of our lives, business and personal, is amazing.  Having an event like Mobile March that focuses on mobile and it’s aspects of strategy, development, design and business purposes is invaluable.  I also attended the very first Mobile March event!

Favorite App: Fitbit – Great interface design and usability.  It’s made my health kick over the last year a lot more fun, engaging and data driven.

Kevin Whinnery 
Session: node.js (JavaScript) toolchain for development on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks


Bio: Kevin Whinnery is a code plumber and developer evangelist for Twilio, an API company that makes it easy for developers to add messaging and voice calling to their web and native mobile apps. Most days, Kevin can be found hacking JavaScript or native mobile apps. Kevin is the author and maintainer of the Twilio module for node.js and contributes to a number of developer-facing open source projects. Prior to joining Twilio, Kevin spent four years with the team at Appcelerator as they built Titanium Mobile, which enables native mobile app development in JavaScript. He is also the founder and a co-organizer of JavaScriptMN, one of Minnesota’s most active technical user groups.

Grant Wood
Session: Illuminating the Path to Purchase by Merging Marketing and Payments

Bio: Grant is the Principal Architect at Jingit, the company powering the convergence of payments and advertising.  After starting his career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Mr. Wood gained local and national attention for his work with advanced internet technology, and was invited to be the youngest panelist at Info World’s first ever CTO Forum. Over the ensuing decade he developed a track record of innovation, trend spotting and leadership, which has made him a sought after advisor. In addition to his high tech work, Grant is an independent filmmaker and community leader, working on local independent film productions and having co-founded the nonprofit Story Board to mentor highschool aged filmmakers.

Bill Young
Session: Mobile Training as a Sales Enabler

image001Bio: Bill Young  co-founded SalesFitness, LLC with the vision to harness mobile technology to help sales professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self discovery. He started his career with IBM, and later rose to senior sales management roles at organizations like National Computer Systems, and Capella University. Over the years Bill has earned a reputation for building successful sales organizations based on a strong culture of integrity and excellence.

Favorite App: Planets.  I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy.  The Planet app allows me to track the planets in the night sky, I’m normally a big hit around the camp fire.

Jaim Zuber
Session:Understanding MVC in iOS Apps

jaim-headshotBio: Jaim is an independent consultant specializing in mobile and iOS development. If he seems a bit too tan for MN in March it’s because he just got back from FL where he caught a couple Spring Training games. You can find him online at Sharp Five Software and @jaimzuber. He’s also part of the iPhreaks podcast where he talks iOS every week with some of the best in the industry.

Why Mobile March: The Twin Cities has a great mobile community. I’m looking forward to talking mobile with the area’s brightest minds.

Favorite app: I’m still addicted to Flappy Bird