The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of IoT and M2M-Mark Nicholson

In this session Mark will be sharing insight on industry trends, what we’re seeing, and platform integration. He’ll also address specific future business scenarios. You’ll will leave with a better understanding of how to develop and plan your devices and hardware.

Mark_Nicholson_headBio: Mark currently works as a Senior Connected Solutions Engineer with Verizon Wireless and holds a lifetime of electronic tinkering experience along with some interesting stories while working for the C.I.A.  He maintains a passion for innovative thinking, brainstorming, and talking about the future.

Why Mobile March: Computers were supposed to make life easier and allow us to relax on the beach while they did all the work. What happened? I love to talk about and listen to ideas on how we can finally make life “better” – it seems to finally be coming together!

Favorite App: I love Audible, because I can speed up the playback and get through more books; Stitcher is nice to catch up on news in the car and I find Google+ a nice alternative to Facebook (which I’ve quit using for the most part).