Tracking Movement with Android Location Services-Chris Black

In this session Chris will show how to create a background service for tracking movements. He’ll also highlight using movement and location data to make your app more intelligent and demonstrate real life applications and ethical use.

flashbelt2Bio: Chris Black is a software engineer, adjunct faculty member, and public speaker. He has taught courses on advanced scripting, dynamic web apps, motion graphics, and interactive design. Chris currently works full time as a software developer at The Nerdery. Prior to working at The Nerdery, he was the owner of Blacktop Interactive, LLC, and developed twelve mobile apps across six different markets. Chris has spoken at a number of conferences locally and internationally in Toronto, Amsterdam, and the UK. In 2011, he was the keynote speaker at the Geeky By Nature conference in New York. When Chris is away from his computer, he enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, and snowboarding.

Why Mobile March: I’ve attended Mobile March a number of times in the past. The sessions are inspiring and it’s a great chance to network with others in the mobile community.

Favorite App: Moves by ProtoGeo. Everything about the app is great. It has a simple UI, focused feature set and incredibly useful for tracking daily movements. I use it personally to see how much I’ve exercised and professionally to track when I arrived at work or took a lunch break.